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Principal's Message

From the desk of Graig C. Mason:

It is with great honor and pride that Ms. Mayorga and I have the opportunity to lead such a dynamic and talented team of educators. Preparing the young scholars of Everett F. Kerr Middle to become the leaders of tomorrow is one of the most important tasks in our society, and it is not one that we take lightly.

In order to accomplish the Cook County School District 130 Mission to: “Provide a well-rounded educational foundation that supports our children's academic, physical, and emotional growth; success; and commitment to others,” all members of the Everett F. Kerr Middle learning community should embody the pillars of a KERR education and be: 


Kindness Empathy Respect Resiliency


Knowledge Empowerment Responsibility Resourcefulness

Everett F. Kerr Middle School is the Heart and Future of the Community

Beyond the pillars of a KERR education, the members of the Everett F. Kerr Middle School learning community believe the following about themselves and all other individuals at KMS:



Essential Valued Encouraged Real Enough Talented Teachable Focused Keen Eager Respected Respectful



Compassion Open-Mindedness Uniqueness Grit Adaptability Reasoning

Perseverance Rationale Integrity Determination Education

When an individual within or impacted by the learning community states that: “I am EVERETT F. KERR,” they are saying:

I am an ESSENTIAL and VALUED member of this learning community. As a result, I am ENCOURAGED to share my thoughts, perspectives, and experiences to assist in the learning, growth, and development of not only myself but of all individuals in our learning community.


I am able to be my authentic and REAL self because that is ENOUGH; I am accepted for who I am as a life-long learner that is still growing and developing. I am naturally TALENTED in my own unique ways, and I can explore and foster my relative strengths and areas for growth further because I am TEACHABLE – learning from all other members of our learning community.


I am FOCUSED on my personal goals and aspirations. As a result, I have a KEEN awareness of my current knowledge and understanding, and I am EAGER in my approach to making meaningful connections to continue my personal learning, growth, and development.


I am RESPECTED in my life-long educational journey because I am RESPECTFUL of others that are also on theirs.

When an individual within or impacted the learning community states that: “I have COUGAR PRIDE,” they are saying:

I have COMPASSION as I meet others with OPEN-MINDEDNESS and challenge my own thinking and understanding. My UNIQUENESS means that I have skills, perspectives, and experiences that I can share with others to help them learn, grow, and develop – and they offer me that same continuous growth opportunity.

I have GRIT that allows me face a wide range of challenges that are part of learning, growing, and developing as an individual. I have ADAPTABILITY to various situations because of my gumption, resourcefulness, ingenuity, and tenacity. Additionally, I have REASONING and thinking skills that allow me to be creative and critical in my approaches to challenges as an individual as well as collectively.


I have PERSEVERANCE to not give up. As a result, I can provide RATIONALE as to why I made the choices I made that will impact my personal educational journey and possibly part or all of our learning community. 


I have INTEGRITY in my interactions with others – honoring honesty and vulnerability as signs of strength that allow me to connect with others that share my DETERMINATION to continuously improve as an individual and member of the greater global community.


I have an EDUCATION that focuses on life-long learning, growth, and development as a person who leads with Kindness, Empathy, Respect, and Resiliency – while simultaneously developing my Knowledge, Empowerment, Responsibility, and Resourcefulness.


Graig C. Mason, Principal

Mr. Mason has spent his entire teaching and administrative career in Cook County School District 130. He started serving our communities of CCSD130 in August 2004 as a science teacher at Nathan Hale Middle School. In August 2013, he became the Assistant Principal at NHM. In July 2015, he joined the District Office as the Director of Assessment and Data, a role that would transition into the Director of Curriculum in July 2017. At the end of the first quarter of the 2020-2021 school year, Mr. Mason started serving as administrative support for the students, staff, and families of Everett F. Middle School in addition to his responsibilities as the Director of Curriculum. This administrative support role led to him being named the Interim Principal in Spring 2021 and then named the Principal of Everett F. Kerr Middle School for the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. 

Mr. Mason attended Augustana College (Rock Island, IL), where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education for Biology, General Science, and Psychology.  He received his Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Concordia University (River Forest, IL). He is a father of a very energetic little girl, and he is honored to continue serving CCSD130 and specifically the children and families of Everett F. Kerr Middle School.

Ann Marie Mayorga, Assistant Principal

Ms. Mayorga has invested her entire career in education at Cook County School District 130.  Almost all of these years have been dedicated to the families of Blue Island.  In August 2002, at Paul Revere Primary, Ms. Mayorga began her ten years of teaching kindergarten and second grade.  The first four years, she was a transitional bilingual teacher.  In August 2012, Ms. Mayorga transitioned into educational administration as the Assistant Principal of Veterans Memorial Middle (2012-2015), Nathan Hale Primary (2015-2016), and Everett F. Kerr Middle (2016-present).    

Ms. Mayorga attended Indiana University (Bloomington, IN), where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in General Studies.  She received her Master of Arts in both Educational Leadership and Elementary Education from St. Xavier University (Chicago, IL).  Ms. Mayorga is committed to ensuring students at Everett F. Kerr Middle are safe, emotionally supported, and academically prepared for the future.